Employee financial well-being: Behavioural insights

Spiegelhalter K, Cox A, Brown D, Rickard C |   | Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) | Jan 2017

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This IES authored report on behalf of the CIPD offers advice on financial wellbeing drawn from behavioural insights on how to engage with different sections of the workforce.

The report is the result of research conducted by IES into employee financial wellbeing and is one of three reports produced as part of this project for the CIPD. IES undertook a literature review on financial wellbeing and conducted workshops with HR practitioners, policy-makers and behavioural science experts that informed the research and resulting reports.

This particular report is aimed at leaders and HR professionals in organisations already taking action to help support employee financial wellbeing. It offers guidance on the value of using behavioural insights to enhance your approach to employee financial wellbeing; an overview of what behavioural insights tells us about how people make financial decisions; and advice on how to use behavioural insights to help employees and deliver financial wellbeing support. The report concluded with a top ten tips of behavioural insights.