Employee Involvement

Information, Consultation and Discretion

Gifford J, Neathey F, Loukas G | Report 427 | Institute for Employment Studies | Nov 2005

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This report presents five in-depth case studies of organisations with established and progressive employee involvement practices, and relates them to existing literature on the subject.

The main concerns of employee involvement, or high performance work practices, are harnessing employee potential and integrating it into business strategy, andaligning employees' interests with those of their organisation.

At the same time, high involvement work practices can provide an opportunity for employees to become better informed about, and more influential in, decisions in their organisations.

However, the term 'employee involvement' is not only used in regard to the decision-making process, and the study also considers other measures to increase employees' involvement in the organisation, including corporate social responsibility activities, performance-related pay and reward schemes.

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