Employers’ Use of the NVQ System

Spilsbury M, Moralee J, Evans C | Report 293 | Institute for Employment Studies | Nov 1995

National Vocational Qualifications are a system of qualification incorporating specified standards of the ability to perform a range of work-related activities.

In this study, IES revisits its 1993 study of their take-up and use, to examine progress, involving a survey of 758 employers across England and Wales. It examines the influences of size, ownership and sector on employers’ use of NVQs, their understanding of them, and penetration of NVQs in those employers that do use them. It assesses the impact of NVQs on internal labour markets, and their perceived relevance. In comparing levels of awareness, understanding, interest and future intentions, the report also asks what constitutes a valid measure of progress in their use.

This publication is no longer available.