Employers and the New Deal for Disabled People - Qualitative Research, Second Wave

Aston J, Willison R, Davis S, Barkworth R | Research Report DWPRR 231 | Department for Work and Pensions | Jan 2005

The New Deal for Disabled People (NDDP) was a major labour market programme for disabled people who wanted to find work. It formed a key part of the government's Welfare to Work strategy.

This report sets out the findings from the second wave of qualitative research with employers. At the time the research was carried out, NDDP had been operating nationally for two years. The interviews provided an opportunity to look closely at how the programme had developed over time, and was being delivered, from an employer perspective.

In particular, the research explores the extent to which NDDP was influencing employers and the difference it made to their recruitment practices and to their workforce. It looks in detail at the types of relationships that existed between employers and Job Brokers. It also looks at how these relationships were felt to benefit employers and the clients recruited through the programme.