Employers as Customers

Atkinson J, Kersley B, Kodz J | Research Report ESR28 | Employment Service | Oct 1999

This report presents the findings of a study into employers' use of Jobcentre services. The research contributes to the Employment Service's (ES) aim of ensuring that its customer service strategy remains relevant, by identifying what employers experience, like, don't like and would want to see when using Jobcentres.

The research centred on a telephone survey of over 800 employers conducted during February and March 1999.

It shows that the main reason why employers recruit through Jobcentres is to get access to a large number of, and local, candidates. By contrast, their main reason for using private employment agencies is the quality of candidates which they produce.

Employer satisfaction with Jobcentre services among current and former users is high; 84 per cent say they are satisfied, among whom half are very satisfied.Jobcentre users recognise that Jobcentre staff provide good and professional levels of customer service, but are less positive about their sectoral and occupational insights.

Employer satisfaction with ES staff seems to have risen somewhat since 1995, but this does not extend to their perceptions of outcomes achieved through the Jobcentres.

Jobcentre users tend to be least satisfied with the quality of candidates produced through the Jobcentres, and the sort of changes they would most like to see centre on securing higher calibre applicants through the Jobcentre.

This publication is no longer available.