Employers Skill Survey 2002

Hillage J, Regan J, Dickson J, McLoughlin K | Research Report RR372 | Department for Education and Skills | Aug 2002

The 2002 Employers Skill Survey is the third in a series designed to investigate the extent, causes and implications of skill deficiencies in England. It is based on a structured sample of 4,000 telephone interviews with employers with five or more employees in the nine English regions, conducted between January and March 2002.

Skill-shortage vacancies and internal skill gaps are higher than those reported in the 2001 survey and at or above the level reported in the first Employers Skill Survey in 1999. Skill-shortage vacancies are increasingly found in education, in health and social care, and among professional occupations. They most commonly occur among sales staff particularly in retail and hospitality sectors. While technical and practical skill deficits remain particularly important, there are growing problems in the related areas of communication, customer handling and team working skills.