Employment Conditions in the International Road Haulage Sector

Broughton A, Curtarelli M, Bertram C, Fohrbeck A, Hinks, R, Tassinari A |   | European Parliament | Jun 2015

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With the EU road haulage sector becoming more competitive there are doubts as to whether existing legislation is adequately protecting the employment conditions of drivers. Road haulage is governed by comprehensive EU legislation, aiming to provide for both market integration and protection of employees. Although this is deemed to be adequate in general, there are issues around weak application and enforcement in an increasingly integrated, internationalised and competitive sector.

This study on employment conditions in international road haulage aims to provide the EP EMPL Committee with information about trends in the employment conditions of drivers in this sector. In particular, it aims to review whether the current regulatory framework is achieving the desired balance between market integration and social protection of workers, and what steps can be taken to ensure this balance in the future.