Employment of Disabled People: Assessing the Extent of Participation

Meager N, Bates P, Dench S, Honey S, Williams M | Research Report RR69 | Department for Education and Employment | Jun 1998

This study presents findings from a national survey of 2,000 disabled people of working age who have a long-term disability or health problem, and those who have had such a disability, in line with the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. For these people getting a job is very important, but adaptations to allow many to stay in a job are not often offered. One in six has experienced work-related discrimination. Disabled people in employment are more likely to work in manual and lower skilled occupations and those from ethnic minorities are more likely to be unemployed. Average take-home pay of disabled employees is notably lower than for non-disabled workers.

This publication is no longer available.