ESF Leavers Survey 2002 Objective 3: England

Atkinson J |   | European Social Fund | Jun 2004

This report presents results of a survey of 3,431 individual beneficiaries who left projects supported under ESF Objective 3 in England during the latter part of 2002. There was considerable variety between different kinds and circumstances of beneficiary, but underpinned by fairly widespread experience of disadvantage across much of the cohort.

The report finds that well over four out of every five beneficiaries declared themselves satisfied with the quality of the course overall. In line with this, the volume of early leavers was low, with just 16 per cent of beneficiaries reporting that they had left earlier than expected. Furthermore, much of this was a consequence of finding a job or finishing the course earlier than anticipated. Only about five per cent of beneficiaries left early for negative reasons, such as dissatisfaction, or inability to cope, with the course.