Estimating the labour market returns to qualifications gained in English Further Education using the Individualised learner Record (ILR)

Buscha F, Urwin P, with Thomson D, Bibby D, Knight T, Speckesser S |   | Department for Business Innovation and Skills | Mar 2012

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This paper estimates separately the (i) earnings, (ii) employment and (iii) benefit premiums secured by those who achieve their highest learning aim whilst studying at an English Further Education Institution (FEI), relative to those who have the same highest learning aim, but do not achieve.

This approach to estimation of the returns gained at English FEIs is made possible by the construction of a database linking FE learner information, with benefit and PAYE employment histories. Our categories of educational attainment relate to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and run from Below Level 2 to a highest category of Level 4+, with estimated returns covering the period 1st August 2002 to 1st August 2011, for those aged 16+.

This work builds on the outcomes of an existing study by Patrignani and Conlon (2011).