Evaluation of Adult Guidance Pilots

Tyers C, Aston J, Barkworth R, Willison R, Taylor J | Research Report RR491 | Department for Education and Skills | Oct 2003

Launched by the DfES in 2001, the Adult Guidance Pilots (AGPs) aimed to offer a seamless information, advice, support, and guidance service to disadvantaged groups, on work and learning opportunities.

The AGPs were successful in reaching a wide range of clients, offering services tailored to clients' needs, and extended support where required. This resulted in many clients taking significant steps towards further learning, gaining new skills, and gaining employment. The evidence suggests that the impact of AGP provision is particularly marked in relation to clients with learning difficulties/disabilities, asylum seekers and refugees, those with low qualification levels, and those with needs for low or basic skills.

Some important lessons have emerged from the pilots, particularly in relation to the nature of the target groups, clarity of information around what providers can realistically offer, and the importance of flexibility in provision.