Evaluation of the Adult Learner Account Trials

Year 1 Quantitative Report

Johnson C with Usher T and Hillage J |   | Learning and Skills Council | Apr 2009

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The Adult Learner Account (ALA) trials were launched in August 2007 in two Learning and Skills Council (LSC) regions: the South East and the East Midlands. The trials targeted adult full Level 3 learners only.

This is an evaluation of the ALA trials between 2007 and 2009. It has two main strands: a process evaluation strand exploring the design, management and delivery of the ALA trials from the perspective of national, regional and local stakeholders; and a quantitative evaluation strand comprising a longitudinal survey of ALA learners and a comparison sample of full Level 3 learners outside the trial areas, alongside analysis of management information.

The evaluation contains findings from Year 1 of the learner survey, and management information analysis of the Learner Account Management System (LAMS) which contains information on learners who have been registered for an ALA.

The learner survey was undertaken by telephone and comprised 886 interviews with ALA learners, and 448 interviews with a comparison sample of full Level 3 learners.