Evaluation of the Advancement Network Prototypes - First Interim Report

Newton B, Sissons P, Gloster R |   | Learning and Skills Council | Mar 2010

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This report documents the findings from the first phase of the evaluation of the Advancement Network Prototypes. The Prototypes formed part of the development work leading up to the implementation of the adult advancement and careers service (aacs) in autumn 2010.

The Prototypes were managed by the Learning and Skills Council and tested a broad range of approaches to delivering services, offered through a range of channels centring on face-to-face services enhanced in some cases by web resources and planned telephone lines.

The research for this phase of work took place in March and April 2009 and reflects the development of the Prototypes at that time. The research, which was qualitative in approach, comprised:

  • interviews with ten national and regional stakeholders that involved representatives of organisations involved in or affected by the Prototypes’ implementation
  • a two-day scoping visit to each Prototype during which between six and eight local stakeholders were interviewed.

This research was conducted jointly by IES and the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.