Evaluation of Coaching in the NHS

Sinclair A, Fairhurst P, Carter A, Miller L | Report 455 | NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement | Mar 2008

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This report explores the effectiveness of the coaching in the NHS. Specifically, it focuses on two elements of the NHS coaching portfolio: internal coaching and the external coaching register. The report examines:

  • The aims and objectives of the coaching - the reasons why coaching was taken up, how objectives were set and what these were.
  • Outcomes of the coaching - views from the coachees and coaches on any changes they witnessed during the programme and afterwards, as well as third-party views.
  • Barriers to successful achievement of outcomes - the problem areas and barriers that prevented particular aims from being met.
  • The process of coaching - the coachees and coaches were asked to reflect on the process of coaching and what they had liked or disliked about it.

The study also looks at the ways in which coaching is being managed and marketed within the NHS.