Evaluation of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992

Honey S, Hillage J, Frost D, La Valle I | Contract Research Report 130/97 | Health and Safety Executive | Jan 1997

This study for the Health and Safety Executive aimed to evaluate the aspects of the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) legislation which were specific to the Regulations.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • provide background information on the use of DSE
  • assess employers' understanding of the Regulations
  • review the nature and extent of the actions taken in order to comply with the Regulations
  • gather views of DSE users
  • explore the costs and benefits of the actions taken.

The study involved a postal survey of 3,000 employers (achieving a 43 per cent response rate), a postal survey of 2,025 employees (achieving a 50 per cent response rate) and a telephone survey of 105 union representatives.