Evaluation of the Fair Cities Pilots 2006

Second Interim Report

Atkinson J, Dewson S, Casebourne J, Tackey N D | Research Report DWPRR 428 | Department for Work and Pensions | May 2007

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Orchestrated by the National Employment Panel, the Fair Cities Pilots were employer-led initiatives designed to improve job entry and progression for ethnic minorities in Brent, Birmingham and Bradford.

By September 2006 the Pilots had been operational for over a year, and had moved on from a difficult capacity-building phase into their delivery phase. This interim report sets out the results from the first nine months of the delivery phase. Drawing on findings from face-to-face interviews and Fair Cities management information, it assesses the:

  • Pilots as a means of delivering labour market interventions in disadvantaged communities
  • immediate and ongoing impact of the Pilots on the beneficiaries
  • impact of the Pilots on participating employers, and on the employer community
  • effect of the Pilots on the local employment, training and community support infrastructure.

The report draws together key findings and sets out recommendations.