Evaluation of the HSE worker involvement training courses

Final report

Broughton A, Wilson S, Newton B | Research Report 964 | Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | Mar 2013

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This report presents the main findings of the Institute of Employment Studies’ evaluation of the Health and Safety Executive's 'Do Your Bit' training for new health and safety representatives and for more established representatives and their managers, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of worker involvement in health and safety in organisations.

The evaluation found evidence of substantial and lasting impacts of the training courses. Improvements to soft skills included better joint working, increased confidence of representatives, better influencing, negotiation and communication skills, and improved awareness of health and safety.

Impacts on processes and procedures included improvements in risk assessment, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), near-miss reporting and more regular meetings. Organisations also experienced improvements in their relationships with contractors relating to health and safety management.

After six months, there was evidence of continuing impacts in all of these areas, and more formalisation in terms of processes such as meetings. After 12 months, organisations were experiencing embedding of the learning from the courses and many spoke of a culture change in terms of worker involvement in health and safety. Less formalisation of meetings was reported due to issues being dealt with immediately, interpreted as evidence of embedding of worker involvement in the day-to-day running of organisations.