An evaluation of the impact of implementation of consultant practitioners in clinical imaging

Price R, Miller L | Report  | The Society and College of Radiographers | Aug 2010

This research captures data on issues relating to the consultant practitioner role in clinical imaging. It explores their impact on service operations and service improvement, and hence their immediate impact on clinical imaging services at two National Health Service (NHS) trusts in England.

This report sets out:

  • the methodology by which the materials and tools were designed
  • an account of the procedure through which the evaluation research was conducted
  • an account of the quantitative information obtained
  • an account of the contextualising information obtained through the qualitative work, on the perceived value and local implementation facilitators and barriers
  • a description of the performance impact/cost-benefits of changes to skill-mix and suggestions for the data required to model cost-benefits
  • a concluding section making further recommendations based on the findings of the work undertaken to date.