Evaluation of the Intensive Activity Period 50 plus Pilots

Atkinson J, Casebourne J, Davis S, Dewson S, Gifford J, Tuohy S | Research Report DWPRR 388 | Department for Work and Pensions | Sep 2006

This research provided qualitative evidence towards the evaluation of the IAP 50 Plus Pilots, which trialled the benefits of making participation in the Intensive Activity Period mandatory for New Deal 25 plus participants aged between 50 and 59.

The research focused on four of the 14 pilot sites, and was principally based on face-to-face interviews involving 75 staff, 23 providers and 182 participants, in two waves, in spring 2005 and winter 2005/06.

The research confirmed that the pilots were delivered without undue difficulty largely because, with quite small numbers of customers involved, they represented only a fairly modest extension of existing practice, required no significant change in the organisation or provision, and drew on an experienced cadre of NDPAs and IAP providers.