Evaluation of the national roll-out of the early career framework induction programmes

Annual summary (year one)

Pollard E, Osborne E, Williams C, Williams J, Huxley C, Cook J, Talbot J, Nancarrow A, Garner O, Cetera R |   | Institute for Employment Studies / BMG | Mar 2023

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The Department for Education (DfE) commissioned a process evaluation of the national roll-out of the Early Career Framework-based induction for Early Career Teachers (ECTs), to follow participants (induction tutors, mentors and ECTs) in the first cohort over the two years of their induction programme.

The vast majority of ECTs in the first cohort (almost 27,000 individuals, accounting for 95% of all ECTs) are in schools that chose to follow a provider-led induction programme with training directed by one of six Lead Providers and delivered by one of 145 local Delivery Providers. These are supported by almost 25,000 mentors who are training alongside their mentees.

This research briefing presents key findings drawn from the experiences of Early Career Teachers (ECTs), mentors and induction tutors involved in the first year of the national roll-out (NRO) of the two-year Early Career Framework (ECF) based induction programme.

It builds on findings set out in the interim research briefing published in May 2022 and aims to help the DfE understand how the ECF-based induction programme is working and where it is working well, the challenges encountered and how the induction programme can be improved.