Evaluation of New Deal 50 Plus - Qualitative Evidence from Clients: Second Phase

Kodz J, Eccles J | Research Report ESR70 | Employment Service | Mar 2001

New Deal 50 plus was a voluntary programme for unemployed and economically inactive people aged 50 and over, who had been out of work for six months or more. This report is based upon in-depth qualitative research with participants of the programme.

The research was part of a national evaluation of New Deal 50 plus. The study examines participants' perspectives and attitudes towards finding work, their initial impressions of the programme and the marketing of it. It presents clients' views of and satisfaction with the elements of the programme: the advice and guidance provided by New Deal Personal Advisors, the Employment Credit and the Training Grant.

It also assesses the outcomes and impact of the programme, and clients' suggestions of how the programme could be improved to meet their needs.

This publication is no longer available.