Evaluation of the Race Equality Procurement Pilots

Tackey N D, Barnes H, Fearn H, Pillai R | Research Report DWPRR 600 | Department for Work and Pensions | Oct 2009

The Procurement Pilots were an initiative that was introduced in three government departments in 2006 to encourage procurers to achieve better race equality outcomes when procuring services. This report presents the full findings from the research to evaluate the models developed by procurers in the three departments to achieve the equality outcomes by working with suppliers in selected contracts, and assisting them to change or improve their approach to workforce equality and diversity. The specific means of achieving the changes were through compliance with new conditions in the selected contracts. The research study comprised:

  • a review of relevant literature and other information
  • a series of in-depth interviews with pilot department staff and other stakeholders
  • a series of in-depth interviews with suppliers.

The pilots illustrated the potential to use equality requirements in supplier contracts for government departments.