Evaluation of Reducing Risks, Protecting People

Rick J | Research Report RR279 | Health and Safety Executive | Oct 2004

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Reducing Risks, Protecting People (R2P2) is the document that explains the basis for the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE's) decision-making processes. As such it underpins all HSE regulatory activity.

The research summarised here sought to establish the reach of the document amongst the HSE's stakeholder groups and to determine the extent to which R2P2 makes HSE activities transparent and lays the decision making process open to scrutiny. What it found is that R2P2 meets its objectives for most readers.

Amongst the recommendations of this research are that R2P2 meets the needs of some stakeholders better than others and may benefit from its content being presented in a variety of ways to meet different needs. Awareness of the document can also be improved through further promotion and dissemination.