Evidence-Based Reward Management

Creating measurable business impact from your pay and reward practices

Armstrong M, Brown D, Reilly P |   | Kogan Page | Jun 2010

Evidence-Based Reward Management presents an analysis of the current failure of organisations to assess the effectiveness of pay and reward practices. It considers the reasons for this and outlines the damaging consequences.

By examining developments in human capital information and measurement it looks at how HR can construct effective reward for improved performance, both for the individual and organisation.

The authors present the tools and techniques that can be applied to practice evidence-based reward management, including a four-step model which sets strategic goals, reviews current policies, looks at how to pilot and make changes and improvements and explains how to monitor and adapt on an ongoing basis.

Fully illustrated with case studies including McDonald's, Standard Chartered Bank, and KPMG, Evidence-Based Reward Management will help HR professionals to assess and communicate the effectiveness of reward in a meaningful and informed way.