Exploring the value of an O*NET resource for the UK

Report from a workshop held in London, June 2015

Hillage J, Cross M |   | Gatsby Foundation | Aug 2015

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This report produced by IES on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation examines the potential of an occupational database such as the United States of America's O*NET resource to help research and address UK occupational and skill challenges. The report presents the findings from a workshop on this topic whilst also reviewing the background to the O*NET resource.

The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) is a comprehensive system for collecting and disseminating information on occupational and worker requirements.

This report highlights the difficulty involved in developing a UK O*NET from scratch, which would require huge investment in resources. There is, however, potential to exploit the United States' O*NET database for UK purposes. Indeed, delegates at the workshop were unanimous in their agreement that mapping O*NET across to UK occupations was a priority given the richness of the data available and the very low likelihood of a similar system being developed for the UK from scratch.