Female Service Leavers and Employment

Parry E, Battista V, Williams M, Robinson D, Takala H |   | Forces in Mind Trust | Sep 2019

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This report examines the transition that female Service Leavers (SLs) make from the Armed Forces into civilian paid employment. Despite the fact that anecdotal evidence suggests that female SLs are highly valued by civilian employers, they have a lower employment rate (69%) than male SLs (SLs) (81%), and a higher economic inactivity rate (20% compared with 9% for males), while their employment outcomes are mixed; higher proportions of female SLs, for example, enter professional occupations and caring, leisure and other service occupations (Career Transition Partnership Annual Statistics 2015/16).

As the reasons behind this discrepancy were not known, the Forces in Mind Trust commissioned Cranfield University and the Institute for Employment Studies to carry out research to understand why economic inactivity is lower, and employment outcomes are currently less successful, for female compared to male SLs.