Fish or Bird? Perspectives on Organisational Development (OD)

Garrow V, Varney S, Lloyd C | Research Report 463 | Institute for Employment Studies | May 2009

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This report offers a contemporary look at Organisational Development (OD) practice from multiple perspectives. It considers the legacy of classical OD and the transition to a post-modern field of practice.

Through practitioner and senior executive interviews, the research examines provider and customer perspectives and the implications for OD career development. There is also a very personal perspective with insights into the authors’ own careers.

Finally, the report suggests some future directions and raises some of the key debates and tensions in the field. With the continuing quest for organisational effectiveness, it concludes that there is an important contemporary role for OD.

The report will be of interest to HR practitioners seeking to understand more about OD practice, as well as managers who have a broader interest in organisational effectiveness relating to people, processes and structures.