Fit for Work: Scoping the feasibility of an impact evaluation

Gonzalez Carreras F J, Speckesser S, Hillage J |   | Department for Work and Pensions | Jun 2018

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This report considers the possible approaches that could be pursued to estimate the impact of the assessment and/or Return to Work Plan elements of the Fit for Work service. Fit for Work was an occupational health assessment and advice service launched in December 2014. This report, commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, considers three possible approaches for assessing one or both of the elements, by comparing a suitable outcome measure for both a group of participants and a control group. The three options for potential designs are:

  • a randomised control trial (RCT) at individual level;

  • a randomised encouragement design (RED) conducted at employer level; and

  • a control group from early leavers from the service and compare their experiences and outcomes with a sample of those completing their engagement with the service.

This report was published alongside a report and a technical annex on the process evaluation conducted by IES.