Fulfilling work: What do older workers value about work and why?

Marvell R, Cox A |   | Centre for Ageing Better | Feb 2017

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This report presents the findings of research conducted by IES on behalf of the Centre for Ageing Better into what workplace and job-related factors make employment fulfilling for older workers.

The report offers insights into both the attitudes of older workers and the implications for employers. Guidance is offered on what employers can do to support older workers, asserting that understanding what older workers want is the first step in helping employers, policymakers and others to create age-friendly workplaces.

The report is split into three broad sections covering older workers' attitudes towards different aspects of work. They are:

  • Work content - what older workers value about their job roles and tasks.
  • Work culture - outlines how older workers consider work fulfilling if certain behaviours, management styles and values are presented by employers.
  • Workplace adjustments - offers practical steps that employers can take to make their workplaces more age-friendly.

IES conducted a review of the current literature on older workers with relevant titles undergoing an extensive selection process as outlined in the accompanying research methodology paper.