Good Practice in Assess-Train-Assess Approaches to Workforce Development

Miller L, Stratton N, Hillage J, Jagger N, Silverman M | Report RW33 | Department for Education and Skills | Apr 2005

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The term 'Assess-Train-Assess' (ATA) refers to the approach to development in which there is an initial assessment of any skills gap, followed by training provision to meet the needs identified in that initial assessment. Lastly, there is a follow-up assessment to determine the extent to which the training need has been met.

The Department for Skills and Education (DfES) gained funding through the 'Success for All' budget for research to explore good practice in ATA approaches to workforce development, in order to assist other providers who wished to adopt this model of provision.

Based on the research findings, several policy recommendations were made.

Download the shorter 'Points for good practice' with case studies