Greening the European economy

Responses and initiatives by Member States and social partners

Broughton A | Report  | European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions | Aug 2009

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This report examines the responses, initiatives and activities undertaken by national governments and the social partners in the EU Member States, plus Norway, in working towards a greener economy and maximising the job creation potential of this new area.

The report looks specifically at various measures undertaken by governments with a view to stimulating the economy in the current context of the global economic crisis.

It also charts the growing awareness of the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and developing alternative energy sources, showing that both governments and social partners in most countries in this study are active in trying to promote the ‘green agenda’.

The scope of such initiatives includes renewable energy production (including tidal, solar and wind power), energy efficiency, sustainable transport, water supply, waste management and sustainable agriculture. The report also aims to identify particularly interesting and successful initiatives that can be shared and disseminated as good practice examples.