A Guide to the Current and Future Trends in Administration

Tyers C | CfA Administration Standards ASC100 | The Council for Administration | Aug 2000

This document is for the use of employers and individuals. It provides an overview of how changes in the way businesses operate have affected, and will continue to affect, the development and execution of the administrative functions within organisations. It also offers practical recommendations about how to adapt to these changes.

Using the results from a number of research documents commissioned by the CfA over the last two years and other relevant research, consultation has been given from a range of organisations including individuals in an administrative or managerial role. It provides commentary on the following:

  • the ways in which organisations have changed over recent years
  • how these changes have affected administration functions and the role of administrators
  • recommendations for managing these and future changes effectively
  • an outline of how the CfA can help businesses to adapt to these changes.

The guide concentrates on the practical implications of the research reviewed and aims to provide a useful overview of the research for the casual reader.

This publication is no longer available.