Healthy Workplaces Milton Keynes Pilot

Evaluation Findings

Lucy D, Tyers C, Savage J | Research Report RR809 | Health and Safety Executive | Jun 2010

The Healthy Workplaces Milton Keynes (HWMK) pilot was one of several pilots designed by HSE to test various models of delivering advice and support of occupational health, safety, absence management and return-to-work issues to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This report summarises the findings of the HWMK evaluation. Evaluation activities included:

  • analysis of management information data provided by HWMK pilot staff on how many SMEs used the pilot, what they used it for and the costs of delivery
  • semi-structured interviews with HWMK pilot staff on the set-up, operation and progress of the pilot
  • qualitative work with stakeholders with an interest in, or who were involved with, the pilot in some way
  • user case studies, comprising semi-structured interviews with an HWMK user, a linked adviser, and where possible, an employee from the relevant organisation
  • semi-structured interviews with employers who were eligible to use the pilot but who did not use it.