How To Get Best Value From HR

The Shared Services Option

Reilly P, Williams T |   | Gower | Jan 2003

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In HR you can be so focused on dealing with everyone else’s problems that you can forget about own. Yet HR professionals have the same pressures as anyone else, particularly the relentless demand for greater efficiency.

In other disciplines, managers are turning to the shared service model to make their operations more cost-effective and productive. Now, with this book, you can learn how to apply the same opportunity to Human Resources.

Through shared services you can redefine your relationship with the line managers, teams, departments, board and other stakeholders you work with. It becomes possible to cut costs or move resources to where they matter most. You can direct your energies away from administration to more strategic areas and so make more business-focused contributions.

In ‘How To Get Best Value From HR’ the authors explain what shared services are and what they look like for the HR function. They describe why organisations opt for shared services and what activities are included.

The book also sets out the relationship between shared services and the other HR activities, and between HR and line management.