Human Resource Management, Organisational and Workforce Development in the NHS

From Current Thinking to Future Models: An Interim Report

Reilly P, Tamkin P, Miller L, Broughton A |   | NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement | Apr 2007

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The aim of this enquiry is to help identify areas of development in terms of human resource management/organisational development and work development activity for the NHS Institute and its stakeholders. Such activity clearly has a key role in developing a flexible, adaptable workforce that is capable of sustaining continuous service improvement.

In essence, this project aims to embody what we know about the operation of HR and workforce development in the NHS with what we know about good practice externally.

This is both an exploration of how organisations deliver effective learning, performance and service improvement, and the ways in which they structure themselves to help them to do so.

This report has been researched and written by the Institute for Employment Studies for the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.