IES Annual Review 2016

 | Institute for Employment Studies | Dec 2016

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2015/16 was a good year for IES, with strong demand for our services in all three of our work streams. This was despite some upheaval in our UK public policy work programmes around the period of the UK general election, and some turbulence in our European work associated with the run-up to the EU referendum.

While the financial environment makes it harder than it has been for many years for independent research centres such as IES to operate successfully, we continue to thrive in this difficult environment, and the diversity of our funding sources provides us with financial resilience as well as a unique mix of clients and projects. The work we do has never been more relevant and influential as can be seen from the examples in this Review.

In reporting on our activities in the financial year 2015/16, we have replaced our traditional annual review with this new style of report, which focuses more on the impact of IES’s work, supplemented with a separate ‘Snapshot’ document which lists our activities in detail. The Review aims to bring IES’s research and consultancy activities to life, showing how they make a difference in improving employment and HR policy and practice.


IES Annual Snapshot 2016

Read the accompanying Snapshot report