Impact of Care to Learn - Tracking the Destinations of Young Parents Funded in 2004/05

Dench S | Report 436 | Institute for Employment Studies | Nov 2006

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Care to Learn is a UK government initiative that provides financial support for teenage parents who want to continue in, or return to learning. It helps with the cost of their childcare and travel.

As part of the national evaluation of Care to Learn, a telephone survey was conducted of 1,000 of the 3,666 young parents who received Care to Learn funding during the 2004/05 academic year. The survey was conducted during September/October 2005, to allow time after the end of the previous academic year for these young parents to have obtained any examination results and to have moved on, eg to further study, a job, or a period of inactivity.

Despite its brief scope, this report shows that the funding and related support are very important to young parents remaining in, or returning to, learning. Furthermore, Care to Learn enabled many of these young parents to progress in terms of obtaining qualifications and enhancing their ability to enter and compete effectively in the labour market.