Impact of coaching on employee well-being, engagement and job satisfaction

Research Summary

Hicks B, Carter A, Sinclair A | IES Paper  | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2014

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The research is an exploratory study into whether employees receiving coaching at work experience any impact on their perceptions of well-being, job satisfaction and engagement at work.

The study is unique in its focus on coaching primarily delivered by internal volunteer coaches to a range of managers and non-managers. Previous studies into well-being have tended to focus on top leaders coached by external coaches.

Employees were targeted who had been involved in various coaching programmes designed to improve performance or support change (not programmes deliberately designed to improve well-being).

We followed 100 coachees from eight employers for a year. We asked them to complete three surveys: before coaching started, after six months and again after 12 months.

This paper summarises the results from an analysis of the coachee self-report survey responses.