The impact of COVID-19 on low-income households

Interim findings

Buzzeo J, Alexander K, White-Smith G, Newton B |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | Oct 2020

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This report sets out the interim findings on the impacts of COVID-19 on low-income households. It presents the findings from 40 in-depth interviews completed with individual employees as well as those who recently lost their job. This is the latest phase of our project exploring the employment and financial impacts of the pandemic for these groups and is being funded by the Standard Life Foundation

The interviews explored their experiences in employment since the start of the pandemic. This included:

■    How their working conditions and arrangements have changed

■    Their feelings of safety and wellbeing within the workplace for those who continued in-work

■    The knock-on impact of any changes in working arrangements, conditions and employment status on household finances

■    The impact of these circumstantial changes on any future aspirations they held for their work and finances