Impact of the Recession on the Labour Market in the South East

Cox A, Hogarth T, Usher T, Owen D, Sumption F, Oakley J | Research Report  | Learning and Skills Council and South East England Development Agency | Aug 2009

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In February 2009, the LSC and SEEDA commissioned research from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick to understand:

  • The impact of the economic downturn on skills needs and training practices within different sectors in the South East, focusing on a mixture of sectors which were seriously affected by recession and those which might lead the recovery.
  • The impact of economic downturn on LSC priority programmes, with a focus on Train to Gain, apprenticeships and priority groups.

The research consisted of two phases: the first involving quantitative analysis and literature review, and the second involving qualitative analysis of interviews conducted with stakeholders and employers.

This report draws together the findings from each phase of the research and provides an assessment of employer needs, practices and future requirements, with conclusions and recommendations for future actions on the part of employers, regional stakeholders and government and its agencies.

The report begins with four executive summaries:

  • The impact of recession on LSC priority groups
  • The impact of recession on LSC priority programmes
  • The impact of recession on employers’ skills needs and training practices
  • The impact of recession on industrial sectors.