The Impact of Workplace Initiatives on Low Carbon Behaviours

Cox A, Higgins, T, Gloster R, Foley B, Darnton A |   | Scottish Government | Feb 2012

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There is limited guidance available to help workplaces support employees to adopt low-carbon behaviours and the evidence on effective interventions is not robust.

This research, commissioned jointly by the Scottish Government, Defra and the 2020 Climate Group in June 2011, sought to address this gap by investigating what works in delivering low-carbon behavioural initiatives in the workplace.

The outputs from the research included a full report, a good practice guide for employers, and a separate report on the ten case studies that formed the main body of the research.

These outputs should be of interest to all types of employer, because they set out innovative examples of genuine impact in everyday work situations and provide clear insights on howto make low-carbon initiatives successful.