Implementing Shared Professionals

An evolving guide

Reilly P, Fairhurst P |   | Capital Ambition | Feb 2010

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This guide is intended to help local authorities consider whether, and how, they might share professionals or professional services with other organisations.

This might happen through the sharing of an individual (eg joint head of HR), sharing of a team (joint HR function) or through procurement of services from another authority.

The third option of procuring services from another authority differs from the other two – and in some ways is more akin to the procurement of services from a third party provider or outsourcing. That said many of the OD and managerial issues it raises have parallels with the sharing of individual professionals and teams, for example, around ‘building a business case’.

The guide is informed by a series of case studies; a number of which are published on the Capital Ambition website. It is planned to add to the list of case studies as the project progresses and update this guide as new lessons are learned.