Improving quality of work and employment in the hairdressing sector

Scenarios for social partner cooperation

Broughton, A, Reijenga, F, Oostveen, A, Ledermaier, S |   | European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) | Jun 2014

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This report examines four scenarios of social partner cooperation in the hairdressing sector, aimed at improving the quality of work and employment.

The scenarios are based on trends that reveal high impact and high uncertainty qualities, such as the re-evaluation of the sector as a craft sector, technological change, the effects of climate change, and the polarisation of the sector due to the dominance of shopping malls.

These scenarios, which were developed on the basis of desk research, interviews with national social partners and focus groups of the sectoral social partners, were then mapped onto the four main quality of work indicators, as defined by Eurofound (career and employment security, skills development, reconciliation of working and non-working life, and health and well-being), in order to formulate policy pointers for how the social partners could develop strategies to improve the quality of work and employment in the future.