An Integrated Evaluation of Acas Workplace Projects

Based on survey and case study findings

Broughton A, Pearmain D, Cox A |   | Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service | Feb 2010

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Acas ‘Workplace Projects’ (renamed as ‘Business and Skills Solutions’ in 2008/09) are carried out in organisations throughout England, Wales and Scotland by Acas Advisers. Their purpose is to improve employment relations within workplaces by involving employers and employee representatives in joint problem solving and joint working.

This report summarises the findings of an evaluation of Workplace Projects. The evaluation consisted of a telephone survey and four in-depth case studies of organisations. The aim of the evaluation was two-fold: to evaluate the impact of Acas Workplace Projects on client organisations; and to illustrate why, how and to what effect a selection of Workplace Projects had been commissioned.