Interim Update of Key Indicators of Women's Position in Britain

Aston J, Clegg M, Diplock E, Ritchie H, Willison R |  URN 04/1917 | Women and Equality Unit, Department of Trade and Industry | Dec 2004

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One of the aims of the Women and Equality Unit is to work across government and with others to bring about measurable improvements in the position of women which benefit society generally. Given this aim, it was important for a baseline to be set, against which any improvements could be measured over time.

In November 2002, the Women and Equality Unit published Key Indicators of Women's Position in Britain (2002). It provided a set of key indicators across many aspects of women's lives, established benchmarks against which women's progress could be measured over time, and presented factual material to feed into public debate and policy-making.

This report provides updates to the tables and figures presented in Key Indicators (2002), using the most recently available data at the time of writing.

This publication is no longer available.