Involving Children and Young People in Improving Local Healthcare Services

An Impact Evaluation of the Engagement Product and Lesson Plan

Robertson-Smith G, Martin R |   | NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement | Jun 2010

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As part of its ‘Delivering Quality and Value Programme’ on Children and Young People’s Emergency and Urgent Care, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement designed two products - an engagement tool and a lesson plan - to promote the involvement of young people.

This should enable them to not only have a raised level of awareness about the variety of emergency healthcare options available to them, but also to be involved in the planning, design and delivery of NHS services.

Prototypes of these products were launched in November 2008. Working in partnership with ten NHS health systems, ten local secondary schools were asked to test the products through the existing curriculum.

This report is an evaluation of the prototype testing phase. It gathered first-hand feedback from students and from those involved in organising and/or running the lesson workshops.