Jobcentre Plus Equality Legislative Requirements Review

Gloster R, Oakley J, Sigala M, Cox A | Research Report DWPRR 700 | Department for Work and Pensions | Sep 2010

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Like all public sector organisations, Jobcentre Plus and the Department for Work and Pensions as a wider organisation are obliged to eliminate discrimination and promote equality within their workforce, amongst their customers and the wider stakeholders with whom they interact.

Revised equality duties covering seven equality strands were due to come into force in 2011 - at the time of the review the duties covered race, gender and disability.

This report draws on 97 qualitative interviews with Jobcentre Plus staff to provide insight into staff perceptions of their individual and collective responsibilities for implementing the equality duties, views about the training and support they had received about the equality duties and to capture their experiences of working with customers, employers, other partners and colleagues in upholding this legislation.