Jobseekers Regime test site evaluation

Qualitative research

Bellis A, Aston J, Dewson S | Research Report DWPRR 580 | Department for Work and Pensions | Mar 2009

This research explored implementation and delivery of the first three Jobcentre Plus-led stages of the enhanced Jobseekers Regime.

The revised regime, intended to provide increasing levels of support for customers during the first 12 months of unemployment, was trialled in four Jobcentre Plus sites, and qualitative research undertaken over a six to eight month period. The research was commissioned to help understand the impact of the new regime on Jobcentre Plus customers, staff and stakeholders.

This report explores the activities at Stages One, Two and Three of the enhanced regime and identifies the key issues arising.

The report discusses some cross-cutting themes common to all stages of the revised regime, including partnerships, adviser skills, management and leadership, and resources.

The report ends by drawing out the key findings from the research and offers some recommendations for policy and process development.