Key Indicators of Women's Position in Britain

Dench S, Aston J, Evans C, Meager N, Willison R, Williams M | Report URN 02/1453 | Cabinet Office, Women and Equality Unit | Oct 2002

The aim of the Women and Equality Unit is to work across Government and, with others, to reduce and remove barriers to opportunity for all.

It is clearly important to determine a set of indicators which delineate women's position meaningfully and accurately and provide a baseline for measuring future changes and improvements in that position.

The aim of this project was therefore to identify a set of key indicators for mapping women's position relative to that of men across a wide range of areas, and to draw together reliable and robust statistics from different sources, to provide a comprehensive baseline for monitoring progress. It also outlined recent trends in these indicators, so future changes could be put into context.

The key indicators cover:

  • Economic activity and employment
  • Work-life balance
  • Education and training
  • Financial resources
  • Participation in public life
  • Health
  • Crime
  • Transport.

This publication is no longer available.