Labour market segmentation: Piloting new empirical and policy analyses

Newton B, Takala H, Byford M |   | Eurofound | Dec 2019

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This report on behalf of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions is focused on identifying labour market interventions aimed at combating labour market segmentation (including those addressing differences in employment protection) in a selection of European countries (France, Germany, Spain and the UK).

IES has been contracted by the Public Policy Management Institute to provide expert input on the situation in the UK.  Key findings feed into a comparative overview report providing evidence and policy pointers on labour market interventions that are effective in overcoming labour market segmentation. 

IES led the UK case studies on LIFT and Access to Work and provided the detailed early findings for the Living Wage example. The work informed the main research publication through the long-list of initiatives IES developed to inform case study selection.